LPS Journal subject index

As many will know, the LPS Journal and earlier Newsletters contain a huge amount of useful information about Liberian philately put together over the last 50 years or so. The contents have been searchable up to now by author and by article title.

Manfred, Travis and myself have now started work on a subject index (the Subject tab is visible from the Journal web page)

The subject index is in alphabetical order and uses index keywords to identify where in the Journal database you can find articles referencing that keyword.

So, "Ashmun J." - for example - or "Scott #C69a" -lists those articles containing that keyword. Clicking on the hyperlink (shown at the very right of the screen in green) will then take you to that page of the relevant publication.

We hope this subject index will be helpful for those researching what's already been written about particular topics and issues.

At present the subject index runs from the very first Newsletter in 1966 to the Journal at the end of 1980. We'll add later editions to the index as we get the time.

Let us have any comments or suggestions you have about what we've done so far


  • Hats off to Mik for doing the heavy lifting on this project and for Manfred's technical knowledge for making it available to us.

    Thanks guys!
  • A daunting task! I often refer to past articles and this is a useful tool in that research. Sincere thanks for your efforts. Just a small editorial note - your listing as "Bewerville" should read "Brewerville", which will help put it in its place alphabetically.
  • Thanks for the comments

    Thanks also for flagging the error. We'll get this changed (sometimes the misspelling is in the original Newsletter/Journal)
  • Well done to all, keep healthy and keep smiling, cheers
  • Thanks for doing this for our membership 👍👍👍
  • Great job.
    Thanks for all the hard work.
    The index will be very useful.
  • For information, the "by subject" index for the LPS Journal now goes up to 1985

    More to come as I get the time
  • Great work, thanks a bunch!!
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