Brown paper varieties of 1923

Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News, Oct. 6, 1924, contains an interesting note reproduced from Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal:
LIBERIA. — Mr. H. Lueders shows us the 30c, 50c, 75c, and the 1, 2, and 5 dollars, both ordinary and service, of the current "plasters," on clear white paper instead of the coloured paper associated with earlier deliveries. Enquiries on the spot elicited the information that the colouring was probably due to the paper between which the stamps had been packed, as it was understood that no new printing had been made. We notice that the new Registration issue spells "Grenville" "Greenville," the former spelling having been current on previous registration stamps. — Stanley Gibbons Monthly Journal.
The original idea may have been to give the higher values extra protection, and it backfired. The brown paper merely being the result of inappropriate packaging material would also explain the gum issues usually observed with these varieties.
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