Is this category active?

I'm new to the forum - and judging by some of the posts from others - very novice in terms of knowledge of early Liberian.

I'm trying to fill in gaps in my own collection, often one or two low value stamps in a set.
Auctions and eBay aren't much help

Can we use this forum to exchange/sell/buy from each other?   


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    This category is definitely active, although no one has made use of it so far.

    Regarding "filling gaps" I know exactly what you mean. Often enough one seems to be forced to buy the whole set again, because single stamps, especially the cheaper ones, are rarely offered.

    Perhaps you could go ahead and post your want list (Scott numbers) ?
  • Manfred

    thanks - will start to do do this over the next few days
  • Hello everyone

    As mentioned I have several gaps in my collection that are proving difficult to fill. These are mostly individual but low-value stamps that rarely seemed to be offered for sale or exchange.

    I'm posting details below of the first few that I'm missing.
    If you have any of these and are will to sell/trade I propose the following:

    a) let me know which of these you have available

    b) let me know the Scott catalogue value and cost of postage to UK plus your Paypal details

    c) I will arrange Paypal payment for any item I need

    d) you post the item and I'll confirm safe delivery

    Alternatively, if you're on Ebay post a "Buy it Now" description of the item, notify me directly (mikwizzy5pms on eBay) and I'll buy it

    I also have many unwanted Liberia stamps (mostly low value)  so If you post details of stamps you're missing I'll see what I have for you

    This will only work if several of us join in!


    i) Scott 26 (1885 3c)
    ii) Scott 29  (1885 8c bluish gray)
    iii) Scott 29a (1885 8c lilac)
    iv) Scott 44 (1892-96 25c)
    v) Scott 60 (1897-1905 5c)
    vi) Scott 179 (1920 5c)
    vii) Scott 267 (1936 18c)
    viii) Scott 270 (1936 25c)
    viii) Scott 316 (1948-50 4c)

  • mikwizzy

    check out my ebay site…i have many Liberia stamps for sale at very low prices…thanks Albert

    ebay id is     red99cam
  • mikwizzy

    also you send me a email anytime…
    i may have some of those stamps you want…will check my stock…….Albert
  • Albert - thanks
  • Here are the stamps I can offer:
    179, 270 and 316 are NH, the rest is hinged (HR). 60 has a rusty perf. at the right side.

    Scott prices (for hinged) are:
    i) Scott 26 (1885 3c) - $2
    ii) Scott 29  (1885 8c bluish gray) - $4
    iv) Scott 44 (1892-96 25c) - $2
    v) Scott 60 (1897-1905 5c) - $3
    vi) Scott 179 (1920 5c) - $2.50
    vii) Scott 267 (1936 18c) - $1
    viii) Scott 270 (1936 25c) - $2
    viii) Scott 316 (1948-50 4c) - $0.90

  • Manfred - sold!

    Let me know how best to pay for these
  • More gaps in my collection that I'm looking to fill so if you have any of these spare or want to sell please let me know

    Happy to pay catalogue value plus postage to UK

    1923 Pictorial issue
    I'm missing some of these printed on buff or brownish paper
    30c (Scott #222)
    $1 (#225a)
    $2 (#226)
    $5 (227a)

    1944-46 surcharged
    6c on 2c (#294)

    50c (#C60)

    25c (#C65)

    Semipostal 1918
    20c + 2c (#B8)
    $55 + 2c (B15)

    Officials 1894
    12c (#O19)
    16c (#O20)
    24c (#O21)
    32C (#O22)
    $2 (#O24)

    1914 Official
    2c on 25c (#O72)

    1920 Official
    3c on 1c (O111)

  • The 30c only has 2/3, the $1 hardly gum at all on the back, but my own copies aren't much better. The brown paper varieties almost always have gum issues.
    The other stamps are LH to H.
    I haven't checked catalog values yet. Just let me know if you want any of these.
  • Manfred
    happy to buy whatever you've got spare
    Theses are mostly low value items that I'm missing and difficult to find on eBay or Hipstamp
  • Here's a few items I would like to add to my collection. I can trade or buy. I am using Scott catalog numbers. All listed are for mint/unused copies.

    35 imperf pair
    39 imperf pair
    42 imperf pair
    99b dbl blk surcharge
    99c dbl surcharge, red & black
    170 imperf pair
    171 imperf pair

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