Bela Szekula price list

I'm looking for any info on Bela Szekula or Bela Sekula or Eugen Sekula. I'm trying to find a price list on Liberian stamps that they had for sale. Can anyone help ? Thanks…Albert


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    I had a discussion about this with Travis Searls back in 2011, and he
    sent me five scans of a wholesale price list for 1915 he found in his
    local stamp club library: the front page, two ads and the Liberia
    section (the whole booklet had 52 pages). I remember I was surprised to
    see none of the 1914 overprints offered, only very basic stuff. I don't
    know if the scans are still useful (readable) if uploaded to the forum,
    so you will get them via email.


  • Manfred,

    Thanks for the scans that you got from Travis. You are right they only showed the basic stamps of 1915. Does anyone else in the group have any info on these stamps 129-133, 072-075 ?

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