1916 Military stamps

Couple of questions about these in case anyone can help

Rogers in his "Centenary" book says that very few of these stamps were used postally with most mint or CTO

The Scott catalogue shows virtually identical prices for Mint and Used when I'd have thought used prices would have been higher due to scarcity
Is this another example where catalogue prices are unreliable?

Also for M6 the 1c on 1c official two stamps are listed

M6d and M6e

Only a Used price in shown in Scott no mint price
I have a mint copy of each so have no idea of their possible value


  • Mik,

    Rogers' comment is correct regarding the intended usage of this issue by the military. The bulk of the stamps was returned unused to Monrovia and sold over the counter. You can find this issue side by side with "normal" stamps on covers from that period. I don't know about CTO, but I'd say many of the used stamps off piece were favor canceled. However, Scott doesn't distinguish between the various kinds of used: favor canceled = used. Listing mint and used with identical prices is probably correct for most of the military stamps.

    I'd say M6d and M6e have the same value unused and used - but Scott's used price doesn't reflect their scarcity, anyway. The stamps are undervalued.


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