1952 Ashmun souvenir sheet C69a

I was looking at this spectacular sheet again the other day and thought I ought to find out more about it

However a cursory Google search revealed little other than a few technical details (date of issue, designer etc) which surprised me (but I may be looking in the wrong place)

Does anyone have any other information about the sheet?

For example:
* it's listed as a commemorating the founding of Liberia by Ashmun. However I can't tie 1952 in woth other key dates (Liberia independence 1847, Ashmun death 1828 etc)
* background to the design. It's a very unusual design to say the least
* any info on numbers produced and how it was sold?


  • Hi Mik,

    Not sure how useful Bileski propaganda is but I thought I would share what came in the collection I bought.

  • Travis

    As I commented it seems odd that so little has been written about the souvenir sheet

    I couldn't see anything in the LPS journal either
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