Anything new ?

If anyone has a new stamp find or a question on any Liberian stamp please post it. Thanks Albert


  • OK guys...we now have 8 who have joined the forum...someone post a new item to talk about. Lets
    get the ball rolling...Albert
  • Anyone at all. Tell us something about any Liberian stamp or cover. Alnert
  • Does anyone at all have anything to post ? Albert
  • Albert

    I'm new to the site although I've been collecting early Liberia for the last couple of decades.
    First, thanks to whoever put all the effort into setting this website up - it's a great resource and the stamp photos are really helpful in identifying some of the more obscure issues.

    why did anyone bother to forge the early issues (1860, 1864 etc)? 

    There can't have been huge demand for the issues at the time from collectors
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