#312 5c Jehudi Ashmun

I am working on an article for our journal and request your help.
Does anyone have a set of 11 of the color progressive proofs of the 5c from the second printing, with the striped gum?

What Travis and I uncovered today is that the order of printing inks on the postage stamps of the irst and second printing was different. The fifth and sixth colors printed during the first printing (perf 12 1/2, smooth gum) was pink, followed by dark blue. However on the second printing (perf 11 1/2, striped gum), the order was reversed, with the fifth color being dark blue, and the sixth, pink.

I have copies the progressive proofs from all six values of the first printing, and all but the 5c in the second printing.

I am wondering if progressive proofs of the 5c were printed during the second printing? Do you have a set?

If they were printed, and you have a copy, would you provide us with a scan showing in what order the color inks were applied.

Thanks so much for your input. I hope you enjoy the article.



  • Alan,

    I believe the scan is what you are looking for. Until I see your article with, I am sure, much more detail, I can only assume your "striped gum" means the fine parallel "grooves" in the gum. I also have imperf blocks of the 5 cent with smooth gum, and dark blue followed by pink (salmon), but overprinted SPECIMEN.

    Still not clear on the gum issue, having a set of all six values with striped gum, with the 1, 2, 3 and 5 cent values being dark blue followed by pink, but the 25 and 50 cent values are pink followed by dark blue.

    Hoping you find this input useful, I look forward to seeing your article.


  • Looks like the scan didn't make it. Trying again.
  • Greg
    Many thanks!
    Info is very helpful
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