Here are two covers that i just got in. The first one is a cover send to Indiana. Has the CP27 var1 with a stamped date of OCT 24 1947. The 2nd cover is send to Illinois. Has CP6 Registration and CP42 with star. I have started a collection of regular postally used covers. Anyone have anymore covers to add.


  • Anyone have any covers to add ? Lets show some covers.
  • Hi Albert,

    Are you looking for commercially used covers? If so, I am sure there are a bunch of those addressed to National Bellas Hess, Montgomery Wards and Sears. I will look to see if I have anything interesting.

  • ok...thanks
  • Hi Albert,

    Here is a commercial cover with what looks like CP29 from Greenville?

  • Thanks for showing the cover. Any more coming ?
  • Albert, I am working on getting every stamp on cover, so I have a few I can show you Where would you like me to start?
    In the mean time, if I can successfully upload the file, I'll share two non-philatelic covers. The first is from a missionary in GANTA (CP 29 Nov 27) via MONROVIA (CP 26 backstamp Dec 5) to a Bishop in NYC.
    The other cover containing a Christmas card was sent from HARPER (CP 26 Dec 16) to a friend in Boulder Colorado.
  • Here are the covers I mentioned...they didn't upload the first try.
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