1918 Perkins Bacon Die Proof and Proof pencil marking on reara

Most of these have the Initials E.D. on rear which is common, I have always believed this was a PB employee, but I have
a new lot of material and while the majority of proofs in this lot are marked E.D. there are also R.D and I.D. So I am now thinking the second letter D might be for DIE? And the first letter E, I, R may be types of dies????

Does anyone know what these initials actually are? I am just guessing!


  • Marty

    can't help directly

    It seems unlikely that several different employees would all have surnames beginning with D

    terms I've seen used linked to die proofs include:

    Engravers DP
    Common DP
    Hybrid DP
    Posthumous DP

  • I have a bunch of the 1918 proofs with about 20% are marked with "ED" in pencil on the back. I don't have any with initials other "ED". One thing I noticed is that "ED" is on regular size proofs as well as proofs that seem to be cut down to a smaller size so "ED" was added after they were cut down. Not sure if this is significant or not.
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