About This Site

The two most important things you need to know:

  1. This website was created purely for informational purposes. I do not sell stamps!
  2. Privacy: This website does not collect any kind of data from its visitors.
Like I said, the sole purpose of this website is to provide information, about the postal history of Liberia, of her stamps, stationeries and postmarks etc. Beside the catalogs from Scott and Michel, most of the information was taken from the sources given in the literature section, especially from Henry Rogers’ marvelous book “A century of Liberian philately”. The items shown are from my own collection, unless stated otherwise.

The listing now contains all stamp issues from 1860 to 1996. Adding more recent stamps is planned, but this will only include those which can be found commercially used on cover. I have no intention of showing all the topical stamp issues that probably never saw a Liberian post office from the inside, like much of what was produced during the second civil war.

Whether you have a comment or just a question, please do not hesitate to me!


As indicated above not all items shown here are my own. My thanks go to the following collectors who have decided to support this site by providing me with data or sending me scans or stamps (in chronological order):

Martin Nee
Bryant Korn
Travis Searls
Robert Shoemaker
Joe Camilleri
James Caldwell
Albert Little
Mike Rogers
Ray Woodward-Clarke
Larry Fillion
Jon Reade
Alan Cecilio
John Lowe
Garry Neice
Greg Sereda
Bob Cragg
Jeffrey Kelly
Diego Carraro
Peter Poulsen


  • 08/03/2017:
  • 05/26/2017:
    • improved presentation of the fakes and forgeries: close-ups now show facsimiles and originals side by side
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    • stamps issued from 1981 to 1995 added
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  • 12/27/2013:
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    • postmarks section now also covering registration markings
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  • 07/19/2011:
    • new page: Coins of Liberia through 1960
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