Postage Meter Stamps

So far three meter types are known from Liberia, the earliest being introduced in 1966. The machine of the first two is an Automax model supplied by the English subsidiary of the American company Pitney Bowes, as indicated by the initials “P.B.” in the bottom panel. Meter numbers range from 001 to 016 for sixteen different machines, and are always prefixed with “MV” (Monrovia). The second type is a variation of the first with the indicium only showing the value but no words. The third meter type is another Pitney Bowes model, GB "5000", and has the seal of Liberia between the town mark and the indicium. It is currently unknown if these machines or any kind of metered mail still exist in Liberia, since the last known dates are from the 70s.
There is also a frank essay produced by Hasler, Switzerland, for a meter stamp of similar design, but apparently it was never used.

  • Pitney Bowes

    • MV 001 — Citibank ?

    • MV 002 — Intrusco Corporation

    • MV 002 — The International Trust Company of Liberia

    • MV 007 — Bank of Liberia Inc.

    • MV 010 — TRADEVCO - The Liberian Trading and Development Bank Ltd.

    • MV 012 — Cuttington College & Divinity School

    • Republic of Liberia

  • Hasler

    • frank essay