Souvenir Items

souvenir sheet signed by President Tolbert
Scott C184 signed by President Tolbert
  • Other Event Covers

    • Newport Day 1933

      • cacheted, traveled – December 1, 1933
      • cacheted, traveled – December 1, 1933
    • First Centenary of Liberia 1947

      • cacheted, traveled – July 26, 1947
    • Bong County Post Office Souvenir Cover 1967

      Celebrating President Tubman’s birthday on Nov. 29. Size 238 x 105 mm.
      souvenir cover
      In 1967, on the occasion of his birthday President Tubman had dedicated a new government building in Gbarnga, Bong County. As an experiment the Liberia P.O. commemorated the happening with this legal-size souvenir cover and a one-day CDS reading “BIRTHDAY EVENT, GBARNGA, NO 29 67”.
      souvenir cover
      This cover was sent one day too late to receive that special cancel.