Surface and Airpost Stationeries of Liberia

Between 1882 and 1920 Liberia made available the following categories of postal stationery for surface mail: envelopes, newspaper wrappers, letter sheets, post cards, post reply cards, and registered envelopes. From 1948 on, Liberia has issued two categories of airpost stationery: air envelopes and air letter sheets (aerogrammes).
Numbers and valuations are from Shoemaker (2012): Liberian Postal Stationery. Price ranges for “unused - used” are coded as follows:

Abbr. Value    Abbr. Value
“C” (Common)< $25“R” (Rare)$100 to $249
“S” (Scarce)$25 to $50“RR”$250 to $499
“VS” (Very Scarce)$50 to $99“RRR”$500 to $849
“NV” (No Value)worthless“RRRR”$850 and above
  • Post Reply Cards

    • President Benson & View from the Seal of Liberia

      • sRC #1
        VS - R
      • sRC #2